Vision to Integrate Technology and Libraries (VITAL) Grant
The CPS Department of Libraries VITAL grant supports the re-envisioning of high school library media centers to be hubs of 21st century learning in their schools. The grant provides technology, ongoing training, a robust professional learning community, digital artifacts related to implementation, rich collaboration opportunities, and program assessment. Find information about VITAL grant implementation in the iPads and Nooks sections of this wiki, as results are posted.

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Winning Schools
  • Curie High School - Carmen Adams and Dennis Laskey, Librarians
  • Hirsch High School - LaVonna Williams, Librarian
  • Juarez High School - Sheryl Osborne, Librarian
  • Lindblom High School - Katie Terry, Librarian | Lindblom Nook Book Blog
  • Phillips High School - KC Boyd, Librarian | KC's "The Warrior Librarian" blog

VITAL Grant Guiding Principals
  • We are all learners and contributors in determining successful implementation strategies for the 21st century library program.
  • Our chief goal is to support quality, standards-based instruction; the development of college and career readiness, and mastery of important information literacy and technology skills.
  • Informed experimentation contributes to the development of successful supports for student learning
  • The only shortcoming is a failure to participate and contribute to our community of learners
  • Professionalism is extended by meeting participation requirements and deadlines, in communicating regularly and within 24 – 48 work hours, and intentionally contributing to the learning community

Awarded Items
  • Ten iPads, a MacBook, a syncing carts, $500 iTunes gift cards, covers, and peripherals
  • 25 Simple Touch Nooks, $500 B&N gift cards, and covers
  • One flip cam and accessories

Grant Deliverables
  • Five lesson plans in various subjects using grant technology with three examples of student work associated with each lesson
  • Contributions to our email group, surveys, Diigo app group, and implementation recommendations
  • Create and manage Nook Book Club
  • Participate in pilot launch of CPS Research Model
  • Facilitate three observation visits
  • Present on the VITAL grant experiences at a culminating event

Contact Lisa Perez, for more information