Using iPads in the Library
Kanoon Elementary
New! Watch this video to see how library Elsa Prieto uses a centers-based approach with iPads to bring many research and literacy activities to her bilingual students.

Inter-American Academy
This video shows how librarian Fran Feeley uses iPads in his library to support inquiry-based research, support for dual language instruction, and implementation of a broad based of Common Core State Standards.

Cooper Elementary
Librarian Colleen Herman created this Animoto video to show how her library program successfully incorporates iPads in a centers-based approach to support development of a wide range of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for her bilingual students.


Chase Elementary
Watch this video to see how the Chase Elementary librarian, Kathy Lynch, uses iPads to engage her bilingual students in literacy activities, aligned to CCSS, that develop students' reading, speaking, and listening skills.

Marsh Elementary
Diane Papageorge, the librarian at Marsh Elementary School, seamlessly incorporates iPads in instruction. Her students use iPads for research and literacy activities on a daily basis. See a video of her students using iPads to learn more.

Cooper Elementary
The Cooper librarian, Colleen Herman, uses iPads for a centers-based approach to her library program. Her students use the video feature to record themselves acting out parts of print books they are reading. Older students record audio readings of eBook apps for younger students to read. Some students use apps to create animated videos to demonstrate their learning. Students in the Cooper library move seamlessly between print and digital sources to explore their learning interests. Click here to see the video.


Chase Elementary
The Chase Librarian, Kathy Lynch, has begun using iPads with her students to support her school's curriculum. Eighth grade students became acquainted with using iPads by using the app "Comic Touch" to share how they feel about the new devices. Fourth- and fifth-grade students who were studying works of the author Patricia Polacco used the iPads to select pictures that they could connect to the text.

Namaste Charter School
The Namaste librarian, Julie Hunefeld, and a 5th grade teacher collaborated on this project. Students researched parts of the human body in the library using books and a graphic organizer. Then, they selected appropriate photos using the iPads and used the app "Doodle Buddy" to further edit the pictures. They created digital stories to share their research using the app "VoiceThread"