Circulating iPads in the High School LibraryVITAL Grant Librarians Recommendations
  • Due to the volume of students serviced in the library, iPads are generally not circulated outside of the library except in cases in which the librarian is co-teaching in a classroom
  • iPads are barcoded behind the device, for in-library circulation or in the event that it becomes necessary to loan a device to leave the library
  • Collect student IDs in exchange for iPads used in the library. The IDs can be stored in the corresponding charging cart slot for each device for ease of return
  • Have students who are using the iPads sit in several assigned tables or a partitioned area, so that other students who are not using the iPads are not mixing with them
  • In the event that a school may want to allow iPads to be checked out by students who will take them out of the library, it is recommended to have students and parents sign contracts indicating an acceptance of financial liability, should the device be lost. Due to the cost of the iPad, it is not typical to allow students to check out devices to leave the library
  • Use of iPads is recommended for academic purposes, especially if others are waiting to access the devices. Time may be limited per student to allow others to also use the devices at especially busy periods
  • iPads may also be numbered on the wallpaper or device itself to ease in circulation. iPad numbers may correspond to associated slots in the charging cart
  • During lunch periods, it may make sense to only pass out devices at the beginning of the period to avoid confusion of multiple check in/outs during one period. Otherwise, determine a clear cut-off period at which iPads will no longer be circulated
  • It may be desirable to keep a separate sign-in sheet strictly for iPad circulation to help monitor who has each device or to help monitor usage over several days during student research assignments
  • In schools where students are to be videotaped using iPads, it may make sense to collect photo release forms prior to using the iPads
  • If iPads are used for unstructured educational gaming, establish clear times for this activity, such as lunch time and after school
  • Use microfiber swatches, purchased at a fabric store, so students can keep their screens clean
  • Encourage clean hands or use hand sanitizer prior to handling iPads

Phillips High School Sign-In Sheet
This document works well during the lunch periods and when classes are using the devices.
- The iPads are color coded in sets of 2x's
- The homescreen is numbered "iPad #9" and so on
- Students surrender their id's when using the iPads during the period
- The colors, numbers and sign in/out sheet help greatly when collecting the devices at the end of the period.