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The CPS Department of Libraries supports the use of iPads to provide greater access to resources to support research, reading, and instruction in the library. Please see this information to learn more about how CPS librarians can support the implementation of iPads in their library programs.

CPS librarians and collaborating teachers who are interested in discussions related to the use of iPads with their library programs and classrooms can join the CPS iPad Librarians Google group at Share your questions, thoughts, experiences, tips, and recommended resources with each other. Join at the group link or email with your work email to receive an email invitation. Learn about Google groups here.

iPad Guidelines for Use in the Library

iPads in the Library Grant
See CPS Libraries Using iPads
Read ISTE article about CPS librarians & iPads

How to Purchase iPads
Volume Purchasing Program
iPad Resources

CPS librarians who have purchased iPads to use in their library programs should complete this form to indicate their interest in participating in the Mobilary program to share information, best practices, and recommendations related to using iPads in the library.