Connecting an iPad to a Project

iPads can be connected to a projector in order to share the screen with the classroom. You can purchase a iPad > VGA connector for about $30 from Apple, Radio Shack, or other locations.

Librarian Tips for Using a Projector with an iPad
  • Some librarians have experienced their password showing up briefly through the projector when typing. Avoid this by logging in prior to connecting to the projector
  • Since there is no cursor, such as you would see with a laptop, you may want to sit close to the screen, enlist the aid of a student, or use a pointer to indicate certain things on the screen for emphasis while giving verbal instructions
  • If audio is required with the projector, use a headphone jack to plug into speakers, too
  • An alternative to this set-up is to use iPads with Apple TV and a monitor to project wirelessly
  • See pictures below for examples of iPads connected to the projector

(Namaste Elementary School)

(Inter-American Elementary School)