iPad Mobilary Program
Librarians who are grant winners of the "iPads in the Library Grant" can opt to participate in the companion "iPad Mobilary" program. This program will help us to develop recommended best practices, resources, and training materials related to using iPads in the school library. Some aspects of the program include action research strategies to assist in the development of information to support the integration of iPad technologies in other school libraries.

See guidelines & recommendations

Program Requirements
  • Attend three days of ITS-organized trainings
  • Attend two days of Dept of Libraries-organized trainings
  • Attend monthly evening one-hour Safari Live webinar meetings
  • Contribute recommendations of 15 or more apps that support library services
  • Contribute recommendations of 15 or more eBooks and/or audiobooks that support library services
  • Contribute to the development of guidelines for the selection of iPad-related digital resources that support the library program
  • Contribute to the development of recommendations for best practices in circulating iPads and in cataloging resources in SOAR and other integrated library systems
  • Assist in the creation of one Animoto video and one full-motion video showcasing students using iPads in the library. Secure necessary student photo-release forms
  • Participate in a culminating showcase event sponsored by ITS and the Dept of Libraries
  • Complete a culminating survey at the conclusion of the Mobilary program
  • Present at the Dept of Libraries Back-to-School event (optional)

The iPad Mobilary program supports the formation of a community of learners around the use of iPads in the library. Each participating librarian will be awarded $1,000 to purchase additional apps and eBooks for the library iPads. It is expected that librarians will continue to be involved in learning related to the iPads on an ongoing basis.