Implementing iPads in the Library - First Steps

How to Purchase Apple Products in CPS

Apple products can be purchased via Oracle. Your budget clerk can process the order for you. See more information about ordering iPads. The Department of Libraries does not recommend any specific mobile device; make purchasing decisions based on the needs of your students.

For More Information - Apple Sales Contacts:

Donna Nations
Phone: 800-800-2775 ext. 42835

Denise Nahley
Mobile: 630-248-3708

The Apple Store - Volume Purchase Program

The Apple Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) protects your school-funded app purchases by linking your school's information with your institution-specific iTunes account. Purchases through the consumer iTunes store with individual iTunes accounts are taxable; institutional iTunes accounts are tax-exempt. Through this program, Apple also enables purchases made through the education iTunes portal to remain with the school instead of residing in personal iTunes accounts. All Apple native apps and many other apps are available at 50% off through this program on purchases of 20 or more, adding up to considerable savings. Apple recently introduced enhancements to their volume purchase program to streamline the registration process and allow CPS to set up and manage program facilitators through an online portal. Below is information that outlines the setup process and explains the program itself.

  1. Go to for an overview of the program.
  2. Contact Warren Antman at the CPS Help Desk (773-553-EXCL). Warren sets up all Program Facilitators for CPS. Tell Warren you want to be set up in the VPP program as a program facilitator. Alternately, you can send an email to Technology Purchases . Be sure to state that you want to be a program facilitator in the VPP program.
  3. After Warren has enrolled you, you will get a welcome email from Apple. Then, you can redeem your voucher at .
  4. When you activate/use your voucher, you are given codes.
  5. Use these codes on iTunes to download your application.

Detailed instructions for joining the Apple Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes gift cards can be purchased in denominations of $15, $25, & $50 through the CPS Oracle website. It is necessary to use iTunes gift cards to buy iBooks, music, and other educational items not available via the VPP.

Syncing Your iPads


The Bretford PowerSync Cart for iPad stores, charges, syncs, and transports up to 30 iPad devices at a time. Building on an award winning cart designs, the PowerSync Cart for iPad will allow you to bring your iPad set - up to 30 devices - to any room in your building, and keep your content in sync with iTunes. This new design features a 30-device power system designed for iPad, providing full 2.1A DC charging power to all iPad devices. And when connected to your Mac for syncing, the PowerSync Cart for iPad automatically switches over to a USB 2.0 mode. It includes a 12-year warranty on the cart and a 2-year warranty on electrical components.

To Sync Several Devices Only
Use a third party USB-powered hub. These hubs usually sync 4 to 6 devices at once depending on the hub size. IMP: Use a hub that has its own power source, so it plugs into the wall as well as the computer.

Warranty Information


AppleCare Information (extended, optional coverage)



Purchase a printer that has "Air Print" capability. You should be able to order this type of printer from Hewlett Packard via CPS purchasing procedures.


See for information on purchasing content for iPads.