Steps for setting up your iPads (registering, syncing, and updating):
created by:
Fran Feeley
September 21, 2011

  1. Follow all steps to sign up for the CPS Volume Purchase Program.

  1. Fully charge all iPads. This will take a few hours the first time, so do it ahead of time.

  1. Unplug all iPads from the cart. Remove them from the cart.

  1. Apply labels and label covers on the iPads (one applied directly to the iPad itself and a second one applied to the outside of the iPad cover) with information that conforms to the system you have chosen to organize your iPads (e.g. colored covers, names, numbers, etc.).

TIP: While you are setting up your iPads, consider creating a spreadsheet of your iPads containing the unique names you are assigning your iPads in iTunes and the CPS Asset Tags. You can use this spreadsheet in the future both for inventory purposes AND for keeping track of the applications installed on your iPads.

Registering iPads, Syncing iPads, and Updating iPad Software

  1. Sign into iTunes using your Apple Volume Purchase Program username and password.

  1. Connect the first iPad in the first bay and follow the following steps:

    1. Welcome to Your New iPad/Let’s Get Started - Click CONTINUE.

    1. iPad Software License Agreement – Click “I have read and agreed to the iPad Software Licensing.”

    1. Apple ID – Select “Use my Apple ID to register my iPad.” Enter Apple ID (which will show up automatically if you are signed in to iTunes with your CPS Apple Volume Purchase Program). Enter your CPS Apple Volume Purchase Program password.

    1. Register your iPad – Check the accuracy of your information. Choose whether or not you want to receive information by e-mail about “news, special offers, etc.” Answer additional questions if you want. Click SUBMIT.

    1. Free Find My iPad – Click NOT NOW to do it later.

    1. Set Up Your iPad – Click “Set up as a new iPad.” Enter a unique name for the iPad. Click DONE.

    1. iPad syncs – A window appears offering the choice whether or not to send Apple information about how you use your iPad. Select NO THANKS or OK. The iPad won’t sync until you make this choice.

    1. Update Software – Once the iPad has finished syncing, click UPDATE to install the latest version of iPad software. A window pops up asking you to confirm your request to update the software. Click UPDATE. This software update takes about 2 ½ minutes.

TIP: Do not attempt to plug in, unplug, or register other iPads while updating the software on an iPad. Errors occurred in the update when I attempted to do any of these things, requiring me to repeat the update. You CAN plug or unplug other iPads without a problem during all other registration and syncing activities.

At the end of the software update you will get a message saying that the newly updated iPad is restarting. That iPad will momentarily disappear from your iTunes navigation bar and then reappear after restarting.

    1. Repeat steps a. though h. until all iPads are registered, synced, and updated with the latest version of the software.

TIP: It’s possible that an error will occur during this process that will require you to have to “restore” one or more iPads to factory settings. If this occurs it will be necessary for you to restore the CPS wireless network password after the restore process. On the iPad itself go to SETTINGS, then WIFI, then select CPS WIRELESS. Enter the CPS Wireless password (get it from your techco if you don’t already have it).

TIP: Follow the directions available at this link: “How to Set Up Find My iPad,” a service which allows you to locate any of your iPads. This would be very valuable in the event that an iPad is lost or stolen.

Downloadable Instructions: