iPads & Document Cameras

To use a document camera to project your iPad:
by Nora Wiltse, Coonley Elementary
--- To use a document camera to display the iPad, you simply place the iPad under the document camera lens. The document camera itself is hooked up to the projector, but there are no cords to plug in to the iPad.

--- The key step is to turn the Brightness all the way down on the iPad. This makes for a MUCH better display and you won't see the shiny reflection from the screen of the iPad. To do this, go to Settings, then "Brightness & Wallpaper". Once here, just slide the brightness all the way to the left. This is shown in an image here: http://ipad.about.com/od/iPad_Guide/ss/how_to_adjust_ipad_brightness.htm .

--- After I've turned the brightness on the iPad, I can display on a large screen easily to show students steps that I take to use an app. I like that it shows my hands, too, under the document camera. When using a cord to connect to the projector, you can display the screen shot but not where your hands are actually moving. This is particulary helpful for beginners to learn to shrink and stretch, swipe, etc. kinds of moves on an iPad that may not be easy to describe with words.

--- I prefer the document camera over the cord connection for a simpler reason too -- I don't have a cord! I already had a document camera and use it frequently, so I just used what I had! Also, I don't have any transition time between my classes, so when I already need the doc camera for another class, it is less 'set-up' to change around. I just put the iPad under the camera and am ready to go. The kids are very used to the document camera since all of our classrooms have one, so they can come up and use the iPad to teach, too.